All of the area’s historical sites are easily accessible, Golden Temple Hotel – Siem Reap where a ten minutes’ drive from Angkor: the vast, UNESCO-protected ruins of the once-mighty Khmer empire. Guests can explore at leisure some of the thousand temples on the site, such as Angkor Wat Temple, Banteay Srei temple, Kongkear boat which history of Khmer battle boats reminded.

Explore Angkor archaeological park, from the earth to the heaven on the top of Angkor, The beauty stone carvings that testify to an exceptional civilization.

Angkor Wat or Capital Temple is the temple complex in Siem Reap, Cambodia and the largest religious monument in the world, the park is home of god Vishnu whom the king embodies with.

Explore Banteay Srei archaeological park, the pink stone carvings color that made this temple so beautifully an exception.

Banteay Srei means “citadel of the women” dedicated to the Hindu god, Shiva. Located in the area of Angkor in Cambodia, where the Golden Temple Hotel-Siem Reap lies just 38 kilometers away. Built in the late 10th century, while the beauty of carvings remained still.


Kongkear Angkor boat is a unique Khmer tradition boat service in Siem Reap-Angkor archaeological par,Travel along the waterway where history, nature and culture come alive, you will enjoy a photo on the way round, According to History boats has been used as Khmer battle boats in the Angkorrean in the reign of King Jayavaraman Vii.


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