At Golden Temple Hotel we offer our guests a variety of dining experiences. Indulge in royal Khmer cuisine or refined international dishes at our tropical garden and restaurant.

Pieces of fillet fish, chicken, pork or shrimp with fresh coconut cream, onion, cauliflower leaf, egg and traditional mixed Khmer spices served with steamed jasmine rice.


Beef skewers with green bell pepper, onion, carrot served with a house special Khmer sauce.


Traditional Khmer curry with your choice of chicken, beef, fish or shrimp cooked with carrot, onion, long bean, potato and fresh coconut cream served with steamed jasmine rice.


Traditional Khmer dessert cooked pumpkin, cassava, jam, tarot and tapioca in the pot. Pour coconut milk and cook in medium heat.stirs with fresh coconut cream served with

The restaurant and bar are open from 6 am until 12 pm